the mcg approach

We tailor everything we do to fit each of our clients' preferences, needs, and processes. We get things done- bottom line. Our job is to make your job easier, and that's what we do. We maintain contacts throughout the country, as well as industry trends and regulations in order to ensure that we are ready to serve you at anytime. MCG is able to provide a unique co-employment opportunity thru our human resource management services. This co-employment arrangement enables your business to focus on business, as we handle the time consuming administrative tasks associated with employee management. 

Thru this arrangement, there are clearly established responsibilities and employer roles that enable a turn-key option and hassle-free experience. While our clients serve as the worksite employer, MCG Contracting is able to serve as the administrative employer- handling all human resources, pay roll, benefits, and insurance.

mcg co-employment:

  • Your company will gain comprehensive human resource management services including but not limited to payroll administration, employee benefits, workers compensation insurance, risk management, compliance, etc.
  • The basis of our co-employment approach is the agreement that we share employment-related risk with your company, thus reducing the legal liability and financial exposure.
  • Better position yourself to focus on what matters-furthering your business.
  • Better attract employees due to the benefits and standard of working conditions you’re able to provide.
  • We pride ourselves on specializing in loss control & safety. By bringing us on board you’re provided with our comprehensive loss control & safety approach.
  • By partnering with MCG Contracting you are gaining peace of mind and the confidence that your business is protected with guidance on compliance, claims processing, pay roll